On The Fly Image Processing


In-depth guides for implementing image optimization solutions with SlashedCloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good service name?

Any name at your discretion - This is simply to easily identify each service.

What is a URL Slug?

The URL slug is a combination of either the service name (default setting) or a name chosen by the user + service ID (generated after the service is created).

It is used to identify the user when making OTF transformations.

E.g.: A unique URL would look like this: https://example-1-otf.slashed.cloud/

Can I use a Custom Domain?

Absolutely, although this comes at a one time cost of 1,000 credits.* For more information, click here.

*Cost per custom domain.

Where can I see the SlashedCloud engine documentation?

For detailed information on the SlashedCloud engine follow this link.

Can I purge my cache?

You can purge cache at any time, up to 30 simultaneous URLs at once. Follow this link for more information.