Encoding and transcoding to compress videos or convert them to different codecs than the original.

Video Encoding

Encode your videos in bulk using SlashedCloud’s video encoding workers at the most competitive prices in the market.

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Manipulate images for resizing, cropping, adding watermarks, and more. Deliver images with the optimal resolution suitable for their intended purpose.

Batch Image Processing

Batch image processing refers to the automated manipulation and alteration of multiple images simultaneously.

It involves applying a predefined set of operations or modifications to a group of images in one go, without the need for individual manual adjustments.

Batch image processing is commonly used in various fields, such as graphic design, photography, and digital media production, where large numbers of images need to be processed efficiently and consistently.

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On The Fly Image Processing

On-the-fly image transformation refers to the process of dynamically modifying or manipulating an image in real-time as it is being accessed or displayed, without permanently altering the original image file.

This technique is commonly used in computer graphics, image processing, and web development to provide various visual effects, optimize image delivery, or adapt images to specific requirements.

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